About Peter Lewis

I’ve been bluffing my way through things for the last 30 years, always finding reasons to keep writing.

I fell in love with writing while knocking out propaganda for the Nuclear Disarmament Party at uni.

I soon found myself editing the student rag Honi Soit, where I wrote a weekly beer column.

I talked my way into a cadetship with Australian Associated Press.

I went back to uni and edited a bunch of publications including the law journal Polemic and the Newtown Bridge community newspaper.

I landed in the Daily Telegraph newsroom as an industrial reporter (in the days they still had one).

I wrote a book on converting from Rugby League to AFL when my employer kicked my team out of the NRL.

I went to work as a media advisor to a NSW Minister, but discovered I wasn’t very good at it.

I moved to the NSW Labor Council and established Workers Online, one of Australia’s first political blogs.

I expanded my business, starting political polling – giving me an excuse to write columns, first with the Punch, then with the ABC Drum and latterly with Guardian Australia.

At nights I wrote this book.

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