May 31, 2019

Face time in Webtopia

Over June there’s a bunch of events where I will have the opportunity to get the public conversation going on what the web is doing to us.

These are typically book shop affairs where I have a chat with someone who knows far more than me and then open it up to questions from the floor.

Normally there will be the chance for a quiet drink after.

Current events ands links to booking:

June 6 – Gleebooks in Sydney with Ariel Bogle

June 12
– Readings Carlton in Melbourne with Michel Bachelard

June 18
– The Avid Reader in Brisbane with Paul Barclay

June 25
– ANU in Canberra with Andrew Leigh

June 26
– Stanton Library at North Sydney

June 27
– State Library of NSW with Sandy Plunkett

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